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Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire (May 2014)

“Film is an avenue that I really want to explore more. I’ve learned that my personality is quite impulsive and spontaneous, so the idea that I could play a character for six months and then play something else immediately after is really appealing to me.”

shameless challenge » favorite friendship
↳ ian and mandy

Oona Chaplin attends the ‘Purgatorio’ photocall @ the 17th Malaga Film Festival (28.03.14)

Shameless Challenge: Favorite Female Character

→ Fiona Gallagher

"Your life’s not simple, Fiona, and you can’t stop it from showing because you’re no fake. You’re not lost, you don’t need finding. You’re nothing like anyone I’ve ever met, you make me want to enjoy my life again."

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I’ve done plenty wrong.

If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid-back… It’s really nice.