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Alison Brie at the Nintendo Oasis on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht at Comic-Con 2013

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Michael: Before we wrap up, I also remembered something Dan said… DISASTER MOVIE. I’m stop short of saying lava will be coming flowing down the hallways. 
Alison and Yvette: THE FLOOR IS LAVA! (x)

BlackBook Magazine | Alison Brie

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Danny: We’ll spend a lot of time planning out the whole bit, but not quite enough. 
Alison: We’re the bane of Donald’s existence. So, now when we run up and go, “Donald!” He just goes, “no.” 
Danny: Every once in awhile he’ll go, “that was good.” We know if Donald approves, we’re like “ah, we scored a big one!” 

“I wasn’t as nerdy as Annie in high school, but it wasn’t until college I was really aware of the fact that ‘Oh wow - guys might really like me!’ My college experience was very uh, experimental. I was a bit of a hippie.”

Annie Edison dancing (requested by anon)