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Anonymous: top 5 one direction songs? :)

1. kiss you!!! (will probably always be my fave)
2. nobody compares to you
3. still the one
4. rock me
5. story of my life, or best song ever, or one thing thIS IS TOO HARD

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Anonymous: Post your tumblr crushes?

sorry anon i’ve been sitting on this ask a little while but i didn’t forget!!!

i would post them but there would be almost no point, they’re basically identical to the last time i did, with one difference (lizayzay instead of alexa) & if you go through my brief tag you’ll notice that it’s almost always the same people anyway

lydiabethpaige and shannon are always on there; ellierenata and elizabeth almost always are- and my irl friends suanleeannakatie and edward (and i suspect nathan will start to now that he’s using his tumblr) frequently show up as well

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Anonymous: who is your favourite liar? how do you order them? :)

omg this ask confused me for a second b/c i didn’t realise the spencer gifset in my queue had posted

um, out of the main four spencer is probably my favourite- unless you count mona as a liar in which case she’d be my fave

in order of preference: mona, spencer, emily/hanna (you cannot make me choose between them they basically come as a pair anyway i love them exactly the same), aria

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Anonymous: so wait do you ship scallison or allydia? :\

both! i’m a multi-shipper (◡‿◡✿)

but i ship allison/scott in the actual canon, like i want them to be together on the show- and i ship allison/lydia in a… ‘fanon’ way i guess? like i ship them in a parallel universe of the show in my head where everything is the same except they’re a couple, if that makes any sense

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Anonymous: boy problems?

haha, no not actually anon, i haven’t even been interested in anyone since high school (that’s three years oh my god); very sweet of you to ask though!

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Anonymous: random question, but how many people do you follow?

319 at the moment

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Anonymous: top 3 allydia ship moments

this is so hard because i can turn every interaction they have into a ship moment basically, and if i cant then my lydia can but ok here it goes

1. “never frown, someone could be falling in love with your smile”/”don’t frown lydia” c’mon you giant dorks you’re clearly falling for each other’s
2. can i choose the entire episode motel california because honestly, “i believe you- after everything we’ve been through, i believe you”
3. ”it’s not just someone to hold you under, it needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone who has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether” and allison and lydia immediately choose each other no hesitation at all it slayed me

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Anonymous: sanctuary is pretty good. it's like torchwood kinda but not as good.

i’m pretty sure this is how my friend sold it to me actually

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Anonymous: who are your tumblr crushes?
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Anonymous: Do you have any other book recs? (:

yes! i wrote a whole long post of them the other day

(and look chanters of tremaris was on there already!) 

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