Anonymous said:
Would you do the accent challenge? (:

hello anon i’m assuming you are the same person who sent this a few weeks ago:

which i didn’t mean to ignore so oops, sorry darling! i just don’t really hear my own accent so i couldn’t say

re: accent challenge… uhhh i don’t know if i will b/c i seriously doubt that anyone else is interested? but if you message me unanon then idk we could skype or something

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Anonymous said:
why do you tag all your otp posts with the girl name first?

because i am too lazy to come up with cute couple tags like otp: i love the town/i would forget them, and with the girl x boy format i’ll never forget what to tag things as???

if it’s a same sex couple it’s usually alphabetical 

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Anonymous said:
where are you from? :3

i was born in bournemouth in dorset (england) and my family moved around that area a bit- from bournemouth to christchurch to poole- and then when i was eleven my parents moved us over to perth in western australia and that’s where i live now (◡‿◡✿)

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fezless said:
I want to say 69 and not because it's that particular number but because your dogs are the most adorable kind of adorable and you could gush about/post photos of them.

i have these pets:

i have two dogs, morrissey and austin, and katie knows they’re SUPER CUTE and really quirky and full of personality they are perfect and she loves them probably at least 5% as much as i do

morrissey is a labradoodle and austin is a maltese/shih tzu x australian silky terrier and i’m going to post a picture of austin under the cut ‘cause he’s the only one who sits still long enough for a photo

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thenshesaidyes said:

my favourite shampoo is:

bam baby

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mauriceaarons said:

coke or pepsi:

i’m gonna say coke
just for you

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Anonymous said:
Who is thenshesaidyes? (:

my actual real life best friend and soulmate (and the only person i ship myself with)

her perfect blog is this way duh, her flawless tag for me is here and my mushy tag for her is over here 

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Anonymous said:
Follow forever? :)

i have thought about doing one before but lbr it would probably just be people that i know from like irl/all my friends because apparently i am just biased that way

also those are actually the blogs i will follow forever

(with special emphasis on my darling bb lydia)

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Anonymous said:
Is it difficult being a Vegan?

not for me no, but i’ve been one since the beginning of high school which is more than six years so i don’t even really think about it anymore (i had been a vegetarian since age 3* before that so even switching to veganism wasn’t a big change)

the hardest thing for me has been the social aspect? i mean i’m hesitant to tell people because a lot of them react with “oh you must be a militant animal rights activist and i hate you and you’re the worst” even though i don’t especially care if other people eat meat, y’know, whatever, i’m not going to tell you how to live your life this is just how i live mine it’s all good in the ‘hood

and then some but not all of the other vegans i know get mad at me for not being militant about it/encouraging other people to consider veganism etc.

but other than that i am lucky enough to have a very supportive immediate family and accommodating friends so my diet’s never really been a problem for me 。◕‿◕。

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Anonymous said:
Why is your blog mostly women?

i’m not sure that it is! i mean i don’t set out to have an exact gender balance or anything but i looked through the first ten pages just now and i think it’s fairly even

idk anon i just like my blog to be pretty and ladies are pretty and i love ladies

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