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They wouldn’t have made the JV team, they stunk.

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"Rose is actually happy in the parallel universe with her half-human Doctor.” - Russell T. Davies.
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Leverage + white (asked by surfbuddies)

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Finn Jones at Collectormania 2012.

(This is the picture he points to, and this is the resulting autograph, jsyk).
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Who do you spend the most time on set with?

Oh, Geth. Without a doubt, Gethin. I’m going to be so disappointed. He’s got his last week, filming. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when he’s not around. I’m just going to be so lonely. It’s going to be mad, not having him there. I’m going to be devastated, really.

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3.11 - The Eye of Jupiter.

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I absolutely adore Tabrett. She’s so giving and loving and so funny. All the things you want when you’re working all the time with someone.

Bridget Regan (x)
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