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#it still baffles me when the fandom will be like HE IS A KINGSLAYER like everyone in the books #like westeros honor is shit #westeros culture is shit #and jaime is like… the only one who gets that #he’s that character who dances around the others and mocks them and their gods and beliefs #there is no true way to describe jaime#he isn’t good and he isn’t evil and he isn’t a knight and he isn’t a monster #he’s this special sort of person who acts outside of the story and comments on it’s structure while still being an active part in it #and it’s even more interesting when he is with cat because both of them breathe and live for love and only love #they will forsake honor for love. they will do anything for love #but cat simply doesn’t understand how alike they are #i love them and their dynamic so much i could die


#looks like a boyband

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