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Lizzy Caplan for Flare Magazine December 2013

Lizzy Caplan I Locarno International Film Festival 2012

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no one asked me to do this au meme» lizzy caplan as ann’s cool from out of town girlfriend

adam scott — 55/100

INTERVIEWER: [What’s your] guilty pleasure movie?

LIZZY CAPLAN: Oh, man, I feel like all I do is watch guilty pleasure movies. I used to see every single movie, good and bad. And I enjoyed a bad movie as much as a good one. But now I don’t really do that so much anymore … [Laughs.] I tried to watch ‘Footloose,’ the new one, in my hotel room recently. And I wouldn’t say that’s a guilty pleasure but that’s probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve done recently. My guilty pleasures these days skew more toward television … I fell asleep [during ‘Footloose’]. That’s sort of what I do when I watch anything these days. I used to watch all those teen movies, like [laughs], ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,’ a little shout-out to my previous co-star Lindsay Lohan. I got a lot of mileage out of that one.

An hour after the interview, her publicist emailed along Caplan’s addition to her cinematic guilty pleasures: “I can’t believe I forgot NEVER SAY NEVER..the Justin Bieber movie Probably bc I feel no guilt or shame watching it. Purely pleasure.” (x)

GQ: It’s kind of funny. He’s a huge crush object now.
Lizzy Caplan:
I know, I see that stuff. It’s really funny to me because I’ve known him now for a few years, and we have kind of a relationship where I pick on him quite a bit, and to see him becoming this lust object for girls is so funny to me. I just can’t. Whenever something comes up in conversation about that, it makes me laugh.

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