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I am uploading this as a sketch because I don’t know if I will ever finish it buUUUUUUUT

now that I have played both a gen iv game and a gen v game, it is time to update the List of Best Kids

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I have never seen Battlestar Galactica and have little to no idea what you are talking about but if you have feelings about it, then it must be amazing!


If you ever have the opportunity (or desire) to watch Battlestar Galactica DO IT. It is truly great television, there is a very good reason it has become this sort of signature show for nerds. By which I mean when a writer wants to quickly establish that a character is a nerd they will make reference to the fact that they watch it, along with Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape etc. If you watched it and didn’t love it I would be very, very surprised. Also I would possibly cry. BUT. YES. It is a m a z i n g but fair warning; if you do watch it, prepare to have your still beating heart torn from your chest and beaten to a bloody pulp, then frozen solid and shattered a million different ways. It is emotionally devastating. Which is part of why it’s so good! I could talk about it indefinitely but I would risk major spoilers (oops those are all over my blog).

However, if you do watch it you shouldn’t steel yourself to the heart break because it makes it so much better if you fully immerse yourself in it. Watching it with other people is great too because all the emotion collects in the room and it heightens everything! I am watching it with my brother who is seeing it for the first time and at the end of every episode he turns to me totally awestruck and we sort of “asdfhjkl!!1111” over the end credits.

tldr: watch Battlestar Galactica! If you have the time and resources! I 99.999% guarantee you will really like it! 

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