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“Thank, thank you. That’s very, very, super-helpful, babe. Thank you.”

I’ve never even seen this show, but every time these two come up on my dash I vomit rainbows. 

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i’m here for the ladies → parker

Non-sequential serial numbers, my favorite. [sniffs money]

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A little bit of Eliot and Parker.

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PARKER: Lot 4-5-6. This exquisite Ming Dynasty vase was once smuggled out of mainland China in a donkey’s saddlebag. It resurfaced decades later in the private collection of a Hong Kong billionaire, were it was left virtually unprotected by a sub-par laser grid security system-
NATE: [whispering] Parker!
PARKER: [clears her throat] Reserve price, 500,000 pounds. Can I have a starting bid, please? OK. Five-fifty. And do I have 600? Yes, to the toupee on the right. Yes. An antique enamel and 16-carat gold jewelry box made right here in London. And let me tell you something, it’s worth a lot more than you think just by looking at it. Especially if you consider the 16 angry henchmen who are going to be following you through the gardens of Versailles if you happen to pick it up, OK? You know what I’m saying’?
NATE: [clears his throat] Parker.
PARKER: Lot 7-3-9. A stone elephant crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé for His Imperial Highness… Hang on a second, let me see that. Yeah, no, that’s a fake.

Leverage; 3.12 - The King George Job

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Fangirl Challenge: [9/10] Relationships » Alec Hardison & Parker
"I think that, maybe, I might be having feelings..."

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