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i just checked my phone and i got 80+ twitter interactions in like two hours calm ur farm twitter crew

02-28 - 23:32

my new twitter header is super cute if i do say so myself

02-03 - 17:36 - 2 notes

hey hi hello sorry for being so absent and accidentally ignoring messages life is just v. busy at the moment (also i am very rarely absent on twitter just an fyi)

02-01 - 0:24

this selfies of 2013 thing is sort of making me wish i selfied

12-31 - 12:30 - 3 notes

wow i’m still so amazed that lydia made me a birthday graphic that’s never happened before

12-18 - 13:16 - 2 notes

it’s my birthday in three hours i’m not ready to be 20 help

12-17 - 20:56 - 2 notes

people on tumblr are really nice to me & i’m grateful, thanks guys 

12-09 - 22:31 - 3 notes

psa it’s only ten days until my birthday

12-08 - 19:12 - 1 note

when will one direction’s snl performance be torrentable and can i sleep until then???

12-08 - 15:25 - 2 notes

someone needs to sit down w/ me & psychically make me watch reign

like i want to watch it and i have nothing else to do but for some reason i just haven’t been able to get through the first five minutes of the pilot, and everyone’s having a party about it on my dashboard and i can’t join in

12-06 - 14:37