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"Were you aware of the Red Wedding or were you told?"

Richard and Michelle, what’s been the reaction like at Comic-Con to your characters’ fates?

Have you seen any of the Red Wedding youtube reaction videos?


"Were you aware of the Red Wedding or were you told?"

Your boyfriend, Richard Madden, is also in a genre show — as Robb Stark in “Game of Thrones,” and we saw you at that show’s premiere earlier this year. Do you watch each other’s shows? He came to the “Doctor Who” premiere in London, and he’s a big fan of the show. He loves the show. So it’s kind of like we’re mutual fans of each other’s shows. It’s great, because we can talk scripts, or I can be like, “Oh, there’s a scene today,” and we can talk things through and get his perspective on things, or vice versa. Also, I respect him as an actor, so it’s quite good sometimes to have another actor, but an outsider’s opinion on stuff. - Jenna-Louise Coleman for LA Times

Richard Madden and Sophie Turner for Empire magazine, May 2013

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